Scholarship:-  (1)The Technical Education Specific Scholarship Schemes for the trainees of  SC/ST and OBC Category.

                        (2) Skill Development Allowance Schemes letter attached


                                                                    SKILL DEVELOPMENT ALLOWANCE SCHEME 2013


A. Introduction:

The Scheme of granting Skill Development Allowance to the unemployed youth has been detailed in the Budget Speech of Hon’ble Chief Minister for the Financial Year 2013-14 which aims at providing allowance to educated unemployed persons for their Skill upgradation.

B. Objective:

a) This scheme intends to provide allowance to eligible educated unemployed Himachali youth for their skill upgradation.

b) This in turn will enable such youth to develop their skill which in turn will enable them to take up employment or self-employment in the Sector of their choice, since this scheme empowers the youth to choose the Sector in which they would like to develop their skill, at the training institute of their choice.

C. Details of the Scheme: 1. Short title & commencement: a) This scheme may be called “The Himachal Pradesh Payment of Skill Development Allowance to Educated Unemployed Persons Scheme, 2013”. b) This scheme will be implemented with effect from the date of issuance of the notification. c) The allowance shall be payable to eligible persons in the age group of 16 to below 36 years.

2. Definitions: In this scheme, unless the context otherwise requires:

a) ‘Skill Development Training’ means any Training which aims at enhancing the skill & employability of the applicant.

b) ‘Allowance’ means Skill Development Allowance as defined in this scheme.

c) ‘Department’ means the Department of Employment, Himachal Pradesh.

d) ‘Director’ means the Director of Employment, Himachal Pradesh and includes any person to whom any or all the powers of Director may have been delegated by the Government.

e) ‘Educated unemployed applicant’ means a person who is minimum 8th Pass from a Board recognized by the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh, who is on the Live Register of the Employment Exchange of the State of Himachal Pradesh as on the date of application and who applies under this Scheme for the grant of Skill Development Allowance, who has attained the age of 16 years but has not attained the age of 36 years on the date of such application and who remains on the Live Register. There will be no requirement of minimum qualification for admissibility of allowance under the Scheme when applicant wants to pursue training in Sectors such as masonry, carpentry, blacksmithy or plumbing etc.

f) ‘Employment Exchange’ means any Employment Exchange set up by the Himachal Pradesh Government.

g) ‘Family’ means joint family of all persons descended from common ancestor including adoption, who live, worship and mess together permanently as shown in the Pariwar Register of the Gram Panchyat/Ration Card in case Urban Area.

h) ‘Form’ means a form appended to this Scheme.

i) ‘Government’ means the Government of Himachal Pradesh in the Administrative Department.

j) ‘Income’ means family income.

k) ‘Live Register’ means the valid employment index cards of those persons who are registered in the Employment Exchanges of the State of Himachal Pradesh.

l) ‘8th means a candidate who has passed the 8th examination or any examination held equivalent thereto, by Govt. of H.P.

m) ‘Officer incharge of the Employment Exchange’ will include an Officer/Official to whom the powers of the officer incharge of the Employment Exchange under this Scheme may have been delegated by the Department.

n) ‘Year’ means the Financial Year starting on First April and ending on Thirty-First March of the following Year.

o) ‘State’ means the State of Himachal Pradesh.

3. Persons eligible:

Subject to the provisions of this Scheme, all educated unemployed applicants shall be eligible for the grant of Skill Development Allowance, who fulfil the following criteria:

a) She/He should be unemployed (i.e. neither employed in Govt sector nor in private sector nor self employed) and should be a Bonafide Himachali.

b) She/He should have passed minimum 8th from any Board/University/Institution recognized by H.P. Govt. There will be no requirement of minimum qualification for admissibility of allowance under the Scheme when applicant wants to pursue training in Sectors such as masonry, carpentry, blacksmithy or plumbing etc.

c) She/He should be registered with any Employment Exchange in Himachal Pradesh as on the date of application.

d) Her/His annual family income for the Financial Year immediately preceding date of application, from all sources including that of spouse should be less than Rs. 2.00 Lakh (Rs. Two Lakhs).

e) She/He should be above 16years and below 36 years of age, as on the date of application.

f) She/He should not be self-employed.

g) The employment under MGNREGA will not be counted as employment.

h) She/He should not be a dismissed Govt. employee.

i) She/He should not be convicted of any offence resulting in imprisonment for a period of 48 hours or more.

j) She/he should be enrolled in a skill development training.

4. Persons not eligible:

The following categories of persons shall not be eligible to receive Skill Development Allowance under this Scheme:

a) State/Central Government employees and also those of the Public Sector Undertakings, Local Bodies and Quasi-Government Institutions who have been dismissed from service and persons who have been imprisoned for 48 hours or more.

b) A person who had any income of his own or whose family income from all sources was Rs. 2.00 lakh (Rs. Two Lakh) or more during the year immediately preceding the date of application and also the period for which Skill Development Allowance is claimed.

c) A person who is not a Bonafide Himachali.

d) A person who has not attained the age of 16 years and who has attained the age of 36 years.

e) Any person who does not fulfill any of the criteria given in Section 3.

5. Rate of Skill Development Allowance:

Allowance shall be payable to each educated unemployed applicant for a maximum period of two years; subject to fulfilling eligibility criteria & timely submission of attested copies of 8th/matriculation marks sheet/certificate to ascertain age and educational qualification and Affidavit as per form ‘C’, at the following rates:

a) For Physically Challenged person who have minimum 50% permanent disability recorded in her/his Employment Exchange record (X-I), @ Rs. 1500/- (Rs. One Thousand Five Hundred) per month.

b) For all other categories of Persons @ Rs. 1000/- (Rs. One Thousand) per month.

6. Application for the allowance:

a)An educated unemployed applicant may make an application on his/her being eligible for the grant of Allowance along with documents mentioned in form ‘A’ to that Employment Exchange in H.P., where his/her name is registered or the Employment Exchange in H.P., in whose jurisdiction the applicant is obtaining training.

b) A duly completed application form may be sent by post or be delivered at that Employment Exchange in H.P., where his/her name is registered or be delivered at the Employment Exchange in H.P., in whose jurisdiction the applicant is obtaining training against a receipt. - as per form’B’. c) After the initial filing of claim in the prescribed form ‘A’, every claimant to the Allowance shall be required to submit Affidavit- as per form’C’, in the subsequent month of March to the Employment Exchange where his/her name is registered.

7. Processing of applications:

a) The Employment Exchange will thoroughly scrutinize applications received under Section 7 and decide with regard to the admissibility of the Allowance to the applicant, within 45 days and in case the claim is inadmissible, suitable orders shall be issued under intimation to the applicant. – as per form ‘D’

b) If applicant is aggrieved by any decision intimated to her/him under sub-rule (a), she/he may file an appeal to the Director whose decision thereon shall be final.

8. Power to sanction Allowance:

The power to sanction Allowance shall vest in the Officer incharge of the concerned Regional/District Employment Exchange, who will also act as the Drawing and Disbursing Officer for the purpose of this Scheme.

a) Stoppage or recovery of the Allowance:-The authority empowered to sanction the Allowance may:

(i) Stop the payment of the Allowance to any recipient, if the said Allowance is no more payable due to any change in the circumstances in which the same was sanctioned;

(ii) Withdraw or withhold the payment of Allowance if at any stage, it is discovered that the Allowance was not admissible in the first instance and it was sanctioned by mistake or on false information or in disregard of any condition subject to which it could be sanctioned. The amount of Allowance already paid may also be recovered without prejudice to any action, whether civil or criminal to which the recipient may be liable.

b) In the event of the death of the recipient the Allowance shall cease to be payable and if the recipient dies before receiving any payment, the amount not so disbursed, shall lapse to the Government.

9. Restoration of the Allowance:

The concerned Regional/District Employment Officer may restore the payment of Allowance to the original recipient if the payment of the Allowance was discontinued due to the removal of her/his name from the Live Register but her/his employment index card is brought on the Live Register of the Employment Exchange without loss of seniority, as per Departmental instructions.

10. Remittance of Allowance:

The Allowance shall be credited to the recipient by RTGS/NEFT/ECS through Banks as mentioned in Application Form, on monthly basis at the cost of the Government.

11. Accounting procedure:

The following provisions shall regulate the accounting procedure in respect of the Allowance payable under this Scheme:

(a) On receipt of a fresh application in form ‘A’ it shall be recorded in a receipt register (Form ‘E’) maintained specially for the purpose in each Employment Exchange. Each applicant shall be issued a receipt in form ‘B’ by the Employment Exchange indicating there in the receipt number of the application for all future correspondence.

(b) The Allowance shall become payable for the period commencing from the month of application (if eligible) till March of that Financial Year and thereafter on production of fresh Affidavit in March of that Year or till the applicant becomes ineligible, whichever is earlier.

(c) The Drawing and Disbursing Officer shall sign the RTGS/NEFT/ECS form and initial the entries in the office cash book.

12. Allowance not enforceable through court of law:

The Allowance under this Scheme shall not be enforceable through the Court of Law.

13. Supervision:

The Director shall have the power of supervision and control in respect of the Allowance payable under this Scheme and may from time to time issue directions for the smooth functioning of this Scheme.

14. Power to amend the Scheme:

The power to amend this Scheme shall vest in the Government.

15. Displaying of Beneficiaries Detail:

The details of the beneficiaries may be displayed on the Notice Board of the Employment Exchanges, on the Department’s website and at any other suitable place, for the information of public at large.